Sportsmen Maintain Firearms, Knives & Fishing Reels with MILITEC-1


HunterThe North American Hunting Club, a group of 750,000+ enthusiastic members, field-tested MILITEC-1 . The test involved 1,000 NAHC members who volunteered to do product evaluations for the club. They are guarded as an extremely meticulous and exacting group.

They used MILITEC-1 in their firearms in nearly every conceivable condition. Some went shooting in rainy Eastern forests. Others took hunting trips to the dry, dusty Southwestern deserts. Some visited the frigid wilds of Minnesota, others the humid swamps of Florida and Louisiana.

In spite of NAHC's reputation as harsh critics, when the field tests were done, they gave MILITEC-1 a remarkable 99% approval rating

As a result, the North American Hunting Club granted MILITEC-1 their coveted Seal of Approval and featured MILITEC-1 in their prestigious official publication, North American Hunter.

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