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• Enhance vehicle reliability and less maintenance downtime
• Better fuel economy
• Reduced Tailpipe emissions

Enhanced Reliability and Reduced Maintenance Downtime

Maryland Testing: The State of Maryland Mass Transit Administration conducted a three-year test of MILITEC-1 Metal Conditioner, using a large baseline of 302 municipal buses in normal daily service. The tests were conducted in two separate periods.
During the first testing period, 20.1% of the control group required engine replacements, while only 12.7% of the MILITEC-1 group required engine replacements. During the second period, 25.4% of the control group required engine replacements, while only 13.8% of the MILITEC-1 group required engine replacements. Documentation and contact information available upon request.

Benefit: MILITEC-1 keeps vehicles on the road and out of the repair bay for a greater percentage of their normal service lives. This represents a savings of thousands of dollars in maintenance costs and down time. If you avoid replacing just one engine, the cost of MILITEC-1 is paid for many times over.

Fuel Savings

United States Department of Transportation Tests:The problem with most tests of fuel economy is that there are simply too many variables. Heavy or light vehicle loads, varying ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure, head winds, tail winds, going up or down long grades, driver's lead foot, etc., can all affect the results.

In contrast, the DOT fuel consumption test run on MILITEC-1 had only one variable, which was easily and precisely controlled.
The test was performed using a Waukesha marine diesel engine directly coupled to a 300kW General Electric generator. While holding the engine's power output at constant levels, they recorded a consistent 3% decrease in fuel consumption after adding MILITEC-1 Metal Conditioner. The only variable was the load on the generator. All other variables were tightly controlled. The strict laboratory conditions under which this test was performed ensure that the results are verifiable and repeatable. Documentation available on request.
Though this test was done on a diesel engine, results are similar regardless of the type of fuel.

Benefit: MILITEC-1 may cut your fleet's annual fuel costs by a minimum of 3%. Real-world results are often even higher. The cost of MILITEC-1 is far less than what you save on fuel.

Tailpipe Emissions

City of Corona Testing: Eight vehicles failed when the City of Corona, California, ran the state-mandated SAE J1667 opacity (smoke) test. After adding MILITEC-1, all eight passed with no additional maintenance or repair. The average reduction in tailpipe emissions was over 50% with one truck showing an incredible 94% less smoke. This saved Corona an estimated $12,000 to $14,000 in maintenance costs and associated downtime. Documentation and contact information available on request.

Benefit: MILITEC-1 reduces pollution. Not only will your fleet be "cleaner," you will save on maintenance costs associated with compliance to state emissions regulations. This alone pays for the MILITEC-1 .

No Detrimental Effects

Navy Testing: The United States Navy Coastal Systems Center in Panama, FL performed a rigorous off-gassing analysis on MILITEC-1 to determine whether it had any unwanted side effects. They detected no harmful substances. As a result, the Navy Medical Command subsequently gave MILITEC-1 environmental approval for use aboard nuclear submarines. Documentation available on request.

British Petroleum Testing: The BP Marine Technology Centre in Sunbury, England tested MILITEC-1 to determine its resistance to thermal and oxidative stress, and to evaluate its compatibility with lubricating oil. BP's Panel Coker Test proved that MILITEC-1 does not form deposits on heated metal, and will not affect the thermal stability of the oil to which it is added. Further, BP found MILITEC-1 to be completely compatible with lubricating oil. Documentation available on request.

Benefit: MILITEC-1 can be used with complete confidence. It produces no harmful chemical residues. It is stable when subjected to thermal and oxidative stress. It is compatible with lubricating oil. Using MILITEC-1 presents absolutely no downside.


MILITEC-1 enhances vehicle reliability and reduces maintenance downtime. Long-term studies have shown as much as a 50% reduction in engine replacement.

MILITEC-1 Metal Conditioner offers verifiable and sustainable fuel savings of at least 3%. Typical savings in actual field tests are often quite a bit higher.

Vehicles using MILITEC-1 are noticeably "cleaner" in terms of tailpipe emissions. this not only benefits our air quality, it saves money, too.

MILITEC-1 is a safe product, proven to have no unexpected or harmful side effects.

MILITEC-1 will benefit your "bottom line" by improving fuel economy, extending equipment life, reducing downtime, protecting against unscheduled maintenance, and cutting tailpipe emissions. The cost of MILITEC-1 is more than paid for by the savings.


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