Law Enforcement Weapons Maintenance

Law Enforcement FirearmsLaw Enforcement officers have a sworn obligation to save lives. Maintaining a weapon by cleaning, inspecting, lubricating and verifying the functioning of the pistol should be done when the weapon has been fired or exposed to the elements. The key benefit of maintaining your weapon is for maximum operational readiness. Failure to do so could result in a situation where you are required to draw and use your firearm to protect a civilian, your partner, or your own life and your weapon could misfire.

The Maryland State Police ran tests on lubricants for weapons maintenance. During late 1989 and early 1990, many departments and agencies began moving away from Breakfree and toward other products, the most popular being MILITC-1. Both the U.S. Army and Beretta USA are strong advocates of Militec. Because MILITEC-1 is a lubricant/preservative and not a solvent, a separate solvent such as Hoppes 9 would be required to complete the cleaning process.

MILITEC-1 is a synthetic-base and metal conditioner that forms a molecular bond with the metal. It comes in only one form and is similar to a light oil. It does not require shaking before use. After using MILITEC-1, testing agency found the weapons were easier to clean, and the fouling wipes away easily. In addition to using it on all the S.T.A.T.E. weapons and the Agency Bereth, it was also used on several Pistol Team revolvers and Match Colt .45 pistols. They discovered the best feature of this product was that once it was applied, they could wipe off all the excess, and it still maintained its lubrication properties.

After review of the test results and discovery that MILITEC-1 is clearly a superior product ensuring the proper operation of all Agency firearms, it was recommended that the Agency adopt MILITEC-1 as the issued lubricant and preservative for all agency weapons.

Militec, Inc. supplies the Secret Service, FBI, Drug Enforcement Agency, Coast Guard, Maryland State Police, and other law enforcement agencies around the nation with MILITEC-1® Lubricant.