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Who needs MILITEC-1®? You do!

MILITEC-1 Dry Impregnated Lubrication is the ultimate lubrication for your vehicle. cars, trucks, buses, and boats; fleets or individual. All vehicles benefit!


Fuel Economy

With MILITEC-1 your car burns less gas!

In a landmark test performed by an agency of the US Department of Transportation, MILITEC-1® delivered a solid 3% increase in fuel economy under very strictly-controlled laboratory conditions.

Another test  completed by the Australian Government used a fleet of delivery trucks, tracking their fuel consumption for over two year and 1,558,000 kilometers (nearly one million miles!). At the end of the test, the MILITEC-1 group showed an average of 11.53% better fuel mileage compared to the control group.

Increased Power

With MILITEC-1 your car engine generates more power!

Tests done by Cosworth (famous builder of racing engines) showed impressive gains in peak horsepower after adding MILITEC-1®. Please see our Testimonials page for additional similar results.


Truck on HighwayReduced Emissions

With MILITEC-1 your car helps the environment!

The City of Corona, California had eight vehicles that would not pass the annual state smog inspection. After adding MILITEC-1 with no additional maintenance, all eight passed easily. What's even more impressive, most of them still passed one year later, with no additional maintenance and no additional MILITEC-1 added!

The City of Corona estimated this saved them at least $15,000.00 in maintenance and repair costs.


Enhanced Reliability

With MILITEC-1 your car requires less maintenance!

A two-year test done by a major East-coast Mass Transit Authority showed incredible reductions in maintenance and associated costs when MILITEC-1 was applied to their buses. During the first one-year test period,  20.1% of the non-MILITEC-1 control group had engine problems. During that same period, only 12.7% of the MILITEC-1 group had engine problems. During the second one-year test period, 25.4% of the control group had engine problems, while only 13.8% of the MILITEC-1 group had engine problems.

The Mass Transit Authority estimated that if they had used MILITEC-1 on all the buses in their system, it would have saved them approximately $920,000.00 in maintenance, engine replacement, and associated costs.

People often ask if there are any instances where using MILITEC-1 might be inappropriate.

The easy answer is "no"! MILITEC-1 is great for all automotive, industrial and firearms uses! However, in the interest of complete honesty, there are actually a few cases where MILITEC-1 is not advised.

If the equipment manufacturer specifies that you must use only non-detergent oil, MILITEC-1 should NOT be used. Non-detergent oil allows deposits to build up over time. When a product with even a small amount of detergency is introduced after extended use of non-detergent oil, the deposits may be cleansed so rapidly that it will clog the system.

If an equipment manufacturer specifies that you must use only one unique lube from a single source, MILITEC-1 should NOT be used. This is true for any equipment, including firearms, air or pellet guns, automotive/transportation equipment and industrial equipment.

If the equipment manufacturer allows a variety of appropriate, interchangeable oils from various manufacturers, MILITEC-1 can be used with complete confidence. This is the case with almost all car/truck engines, car/truck transmissions, industrial equipment, and firearms applications.

If the equipment manufacturer specifies that you must avoid synthetic, parasynthetic or chlorinated lubricants, MILITEC-1 should NOT be used.

MILITEC-1 is NOT compatible with polycarbonate.

MILITEC-1 should NOT be added to brake fluid or similar fluids.

Always be sure to follow all equipment manufacturer warranty instructions.